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Glory Interior Emulsion

Glory Interior Emulsion is a good choice to upgrade your wall from distemper to plastic paint. Cost  is not too higher  than distemper but gives your wall smooth finish with 1.5 times more coverage than distemper.

Swati Premium Interior Emulsion

Swati premium interior emulsion offers an enhanced shinning on the wall giving your home a completely new and attractive look.

Amaze Exterior Emulsion

Amaze Exterior Emulsion offers  good  resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering with comparison  to cement paint. It lasts longer than cement paint. It does not require extra care and saves time and money. Excel provides anti-fungal protection. 

Swati Premium Exterior Emulsion

Swati  premium exterior emulsion is specially made to save your  exterior s  from  extreme weather conditions. Premium’s advanced anti-algal  bio pack prevents algae from formatting. It does not allow dust particles from setting on the wall.

Swati Acrylic Washable Distemper

Swati  acrylic washable distemper is water based interior wall paint. It lasts for years and gives smooth finishing for interior walls.

Swati Supreme Interior Primer

Swati supreme interior primer is a water based wall coating suitable for interior wall as a primer to interior emulsion.

Swati Exterior Primer

Swati exterior primer is a water based wall coating suitable for exterior walls, as an primer to exterior emulsion .It gives extra benefit of anti-fungal  protection to your exterior walls.

Swati Acrylic Wall Putty

Swati acrylic wall putty is specially made with the use of white pigments, acrylic emulsion medium  and additives  and extenders.

Swati Metalic Emulsion

Swati metalic emulsion comes in three different shades of gold, silver and bronze, specially used for walls to decorate designs.  It is also suitable for exterior  walls. It comes with extra advantage of anti-fungal  protection. It can also be used on wood and metal. It gives same shinning for the ages.

Wallock Cement Putty

Wallock Cement Putty gives smoothness to the wall to make it prepare for the paint.   

Acrylic Washable Distermper Ultra
Ultra Interior Primer
Our Products
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